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Wild Texas


They share this thing for Texas, for wild authenticity and the deliberateness of craft. And so it makes sense that they would find each other and unearth this uniquely Texan spirit by hand. You could say it was coincidence. But it never is. The truth of it stirs somewhere between miles of silence and the faintest swish of a tail.

Ryan Campbell

Ryan has lived on several continents and speaks one or two languages, but now has settled down with his sweetheart in San Antonio to raise their two amazing children. Now when this adventurous spirit travels, his family comes along for the ride, which is more likely to feature a remote African hut than beach resort town. 

Judson Kauffman

A native of Longview and 6th generation Texan, Jud is obsessed with Texas. He's got a wife who laughs at his jokes, a dog who goes with him everywhere, and two kids who underscore what’s important in life. Jud plays a damn good blues harp, and his chili is better than most.

Brent Looby

Brent is a native of Midland and 5th generation Texan. After a brief stint as a manufacturing engineer, he followed his dream of becoming a naval aviator and served 20 years in the U.S. Marine Corps. If Brent isn’t hosting the party, he’s at the party. He’s serious about his drinks, his dogs, and his lady.


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