Desert Door is

Made from

desert rains,

rocky mesas &

starry nights

You’ve stumbled upon Desert Door.
We’re not a tequila and not a mezcal.
But something else altogether - Texas Sotol.

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Imagine if tequila had
a smoother, more sustainable, flavorful, cousin - that's Desert Door.

Welcome to the untamed spirit of the Texas desert, encapsulated in every drop of Desert Door Texas Sotol Original. Our story begins amidst the rugged landscapes and arid beauty of West Texas, where the sotol plant thrives in the unforgiving terrain. With a heritage deeply rooted in tradition and an unquenchable thirst for adventure, we've crafted a spirit that embodies the essence of the wild west.

Explore the heart of Texas through the unique flavors of our original sotol, a bold and distinctive expression that pays homage to the land, culture, and pioneering spirit that defines our home. Join us on a journey as we unlock the secrets of the desert, one sip at a time.

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What is Desert Door Texas Sotol?

‘Sotol’ is both the name of our unique spirit and the plant we make it from. The sotol plant is not an agave but a distinct and separate species. Which means Desert Door is not in fact a tequila. So, If we’re not a tequila what are we? Imagine if tequila had a smoother, more flavorful cousin - that’s Desert Door.

Our Mission

How do I drink Sotol?

Desert Door Original is great for mixing in cocktails and can be substituted for clear spirits in most recipes. It can also be enjoyed neat or over an ice cube.

Check out our extensive list of seasonal, classic and Sotol Cocktails below.

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Explore our Sotols, Cocktails, Stories & Events

Discover Desert Door

Explore our Sotols, Tasting Room, Cocktails, Stories & Events


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The tasting room

Let’s just say there’s no shortage of tantalizing surprises in store for you.
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the Rackhouse

The Rackhouse can turn your event into a special, one of a kind experience.
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Tour The Distillery

To see for yourself how we turn a desert plant into a complex, flavorful spirit, be sure to book a tour of our distillery in Driftwood. All tours can be booked through Tock at this time. We offer tours on Saturday from 1-4 and Sunday 1-3.

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Wild Spirit
Wild Places

Wild spirit wild places
Wild Spirit Wild Places is Desert Door’s nonprofit arm. Established in 2021, the organization is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of wild lands across Texas and the U.S., through research, education and conservation practices.

Every land conservation project sponsored by Wild Spirit Wild Place provides opportunities for the public to actively participate. Desert Door also regularly releases limited editions of its Texas sotol, a portion of the proceeds from which directly fund the foundation’s future land conservation projects.
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