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Made by hand in Driftwood from wild-harvested West Texas sotol plants, Desert Door sotol is a premium spirit that tastes unquestionably of the land. The sweet citrusy and herbal flavor is reminiscent of a desert gin crossed with a smooth sipping tequila.

Tasting Notes

Herbaceous, creamy, and vegetal. It leads with grass and earth on the nose with a touch of natural vanilla. Toffee, mint, cinnamon, and clove combine with citrus in a distinct way on the palate. It finishes with minerality and a welcome vegetal quality that will make you wonder why you haven’t met before and have you dreaming of your next encounter.

Additional Notes

Desert Door Original is as versatile as a vodka, but far more intriguing and complex. When it comes to craft cocktails, it can one-up the usual suspects from bourbon to gin to tequila. Check out our cocktail ideas for one you find compelling.

Oak-Aged Photo


At 100-proof, Desert Door Oak-Aged sotol isn’t for snowflakes. Aged in new American-charred white oak barrels, this ultra-premium sipping spirit has the smoothness of bourbon and warmth of brandy while retaining the unique flavors only wild Texas sotol can deliver.

Tasting Notes

More floral than vegetal, the bouquet opens with a bang of caramel vanilla and a touch of mint. Next comes an infusion of oak and a hint of smoke. It finishes with sweet earth and ineffable mystery. Unlike many tequilas and whiskeys, there is no burn, and the subtlety of smoke distinguishes it from mescal. The aftertaste whispers of white peppercorn, rose water, and oaky vanilla.

Additional Notes

We place Desert Door Oak-Aged sotol next to the finest aged spirits on the market. Elemental, beautiful, and natural, it transports imbibers to a uniquely Texas place and time. In fact, this Desert Door sotol has converted lifelong bourbon drinkers, tequila lovers, mescal fanatics, and many a wine snob after just one glass.


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