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Made by hand in Driftwood from wild-harvested West Texas sotol plants, Desert Door Original Texas Sotol is a premium spirit that tastes unquestionably of the land. The sweet citrusy and herbal flavor is reminiscent of a desert gin crossed with a smooth sipping tequila.

Tasting Notes

Herbaceous and vegetal with a smooth and sweet finish. It leads with grass and earth on the nose with a touch of natural vanilla. Toffee, mint, and spicee combine with citrus in a distinct way on the palate. It finishes with minerality and a welcome eucalyptus quality that will make you wonder why you haven’t met before and have you dreaming of your next encounter.

Additional Notes

Desert Door Original is as versatile as a vodka, but far more intriguing and complex. When it comes to craft cocktails, it can one-up the usual suspects from bourbon to gin to tequila. We find it most compelling in a Ranch Water, Desert Paloma, or River Rita. It’s organic and gluten-free too.

Gold medal - Denver International Spirits Competition 2020

Oak-Aged Photo


Made by hand in Driftwood from wild-harvested West Texas sotol plants, Desert Door Oak-Aged sotol is a premium sipping spirit that tastes unquestionably of the land. The spiced cinnamon and vanilla flavor is reminiscent of a smooth bourbon while retaining the unique flavors only Texas sotol can deliver.

Tasting Notes

More spiced than vegetal, the bouquet opens with a bang of vanilla and a touch of cedar and cinnamon. Next comes an infusion of dusty cherry, beeswax, allspice, and pine nuts. It finishes with a rich balance of oak, eucalyptus, a touch of caramel, and ineffable mystery.

Additional Notes

Desert Door Oak-Aged Texas Sotol is aged to taste for up to one year in New American white oak barrels with a medium char. We place it next to the finest aged spirits on the market. Elemental, beautiful, and natural, it transports imbibers to a uniquely Texas place and time. In fact, this Desert Door sotol has converted lifelong bourbon drinkers, tequila lovers, mescal fanatics, and many a wine snob after just one glass. We like it best neat, but it works wildly well for mixing too.

Gold medal - San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020


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